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5 Planets That Shouldn’t Exist

There are many strange things we do not understand about our universe, with black holes, dark matter and a whole bunch of weird sights and sounds out there that we just can’t figure out.

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TrES-2b is what space scientists call a Hot Jupiter, and this isn’t because they like zit-shaming our local gas giant with its unsightly red spot.

Since everything that exists in our universe is thought to have been created inside a star, you may think this entry sounds a little pointless.

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend then we’d better start shipping our ladies off to 55 Cancri e, because this world which is 40 light years away is comprised of so much diamond that if you mined them all you’d own 26.9 nonillion dollars-worth of shiny rappers’ delight.

Wasp 18b reminds me a lot of Hugh Hefner.

Ever since Pluto was cruelly dropped to the bench it’s seemed like we’ve been one planet short of a solar system, which sounds like a particularly cruel way of describing Kanye West right now.

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel