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5 Most Mysterious DISEASES in the World

These are the top 5 most mysterious, strangest, and scariest diseases in the world.

Imagine suddenly feeling like a thousand bugs were crawling underneath your skin, biting you, stinging you, causing nasty weeping sores to erupt all over your body. You might recognise these as the symptoms of dating Colin Farrell, but this is also what people suffering from Morgellons have to endure…or so they say.

For any comedian or awesome Youtube host with a sprinkling of comedy in their content, the best compliment you could give is to say “oh man, your routine absolutely killed it tonight”. But if your audience starts physically laughing themselves to death, then it may not be your jokes that are causing it.

When someone serves me up a giant plate of wings or a juicy steak you better believe I start nodding my head, spazzing out and screaming YES PLEASE, I may also drooling a little, rip my shirt off and just dive right on in. But maybe I should be worried, because some of these behaviours are symptoms of the Sudanese Nodding Syndrome.

Now the pedants amongst you will obviously be dying to point out that a syndrome isn’t the same as a disease, because a syndrome is merely a collection of symptoms that can happen at the same time whereas a disease is a health condition whose symptoms all have the same root cause. But, since nobody can accurately pinpoint exactly what causes Gulf War Syndrome there is still the possibility it could be a disease, so there.

Where the brain becomes acutely inflamed in a certain way which causes the patient to become sleepy…a little too sleepy…as if they are frozen in time. Sufferers often lie there completely still with their mouths open, their eyes staring right through you, doing nothing whatsoever for days on end.

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel