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5 Most Highly Forbidden Places On Earth

Top 5 Most Highly Forbidden Places on Earth. My dad’s gun cabinet, my mom’s makeup box, my sister’s underwear drawer; these are the places I was forbidden from entering when I was a kid……

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Metro 2 is the codename for a purported secret metro system which lies beneath the streets of Moscow.
Bohemian Grove is a conspiracy theorists wet dream, as for over a century and a half this 2,700 acre California campground has played host to an annual summer gathering of the world’s most rich and powerful leaders.
In the 1970’s the Cypriot city of Varosha was one of the world’s most popular tourist resorts, with its modern high-rise buildings, fancy restaurants and swanky nightclubs attracting everyone from Presidents and Prime Ministers through to major Hollywood film stars.
India’s North Sentinel Island has been described as almost like a human zoo, as here, over 72 square kilometres of island territory in the Bay of Bengal, there exists a tribe of Stone Age people who are completely cut off from the rest of the world, and have been for 60,000 years.
There are three recipes the world wants to know more than anything else; the recipe for KFC, the recipe for love, and the recipe for Coca Cola.

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