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5 Most Haunted Hotels In United States #2

There are very few places in the world that have absorbed as much emotion as hotels, they see joy of families on vacation to the desperation of drug dealers and prostitutes alike. From terrifying spirits who appear behind visitors in the rooms they sleep in, to a white-haired bellhop helping guests only to vanish before they have a chance to tip him, we take a look at 5 Haunted Hotels In United States you DON’T want to visit!

5. Hotel Provincial – New Orleans, LA
The Hotel Provincial can be found in the voodoo laced New Orleans, LA. Sitting on the burned down site of a military hospital last used in 1722, this creepy place has had guests mention sightings of ghostly soldiers. One woman even reported she had been dragged out of bed by a hand and pulled across the room kicking and screaming.
Another instance of the strange military man happened a short time later, with one traveller claiming to have seen him in her wardrobe wearing full army attire before vanishing into thin air.

4. The Crescent Hotel, Arkansas
Located in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, The Crescent Hotel was one of the first luxury spa hotels of the US after being completed in 1886. There is however, a ghostly tale lingering around room 218 and the hallways. The story is told that a builder who was working on the construction site fell to his death in the space that would later become room 218, where he still lingers today.
After temporarily becoming a cancer treatment hospital in the 1930’s, there have also been sightings of a nurse wheeling corpses on a gurney through the hallways.

3. Maribel Caves Hotel – Maribel, Wisconsin
Although this derelict hotel is no longer supplying rooms to stay, some people still camp within its crumbling walls. With a nickname like ‘Hotel Hell’ who wouldn’t, right? There are a vast majority of claims to this hotel, some of which state there are skeletal remains on the inaccessible third floor caused by a hotel guest who killed everybody before taking his own life. There are also underground passageways that were reportedly used as part of a moonshine operation owned by gangster Al Capone.

2. The Hollywood Roosevelt – Hollywood, Los Angeles
Located on the famous Hollywood walk of fame, this grand hotel has seen the ghostly shapes of some of the most iconic people in history throughout its hallways. Montgomery Clift’s trombone can be heard within room 928, where he stayed while filming for the movie ‘From Here to Eternity’.
Even the likes of Marilyn Monroe’s ghost can be seen floating around the exclusive Tropicana Nightclub within the premises. Those sightings, along with cold spots and loud, unexplained noises from empty rooms all point towards a creepy afterlife for the elite.

1. Logan Inn – New Hope, Pennsylvania
Tales about Logan Inn vary from traveller to traveller, yet all have claimed to have had ghostly encounters. One of which, within the parking lot as you first arrive, is the ghostly form of a young girl known as Emily. Room 6, also known as Emily’s room, is the room to be in if you’re on the hunt for ghostly activities, with some claimants seeing many different figures. There is also the old man who won’t look upon the living, another young ghostly girl and even a revolutionary war soldier – all of which have been seen within its walls. One thing is for sure though, if you smell lavender while staying here be prepared for a sighting…

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