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Thanks to online dating apps like Tinder, Grindr and Hot Voiceover Guys dot org, the way humans meet each other for romantic liaisons has changed forever.

Today the likes of eHarmony, Match.com and Mom 4 son dot com all use algorithms to match potential partners based on everything from your height, salary and location through to more intimate details, such as what you like to have inserted into where.The gamification of dating has already taken place thanks to the advent of Tinder and Grindr’s swiping abilities, and one wonders where this video game approach to every industry might take us. To make things even more like a video game, a group of technological, sociological, anthropological and biomedical experts are suggesting that in future, first dates could take place inside virtual reality. Most of my dates end with me matching my DNA to a box of Kleenex, but when humans have access to their genetic data more freely, will this too impact who we choose to date?In our video on Seven Weird Predictions for the Future we spoke about the potential for not just virtual avatars, but virtual personalities.

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel