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5 Common Traditions Explained

We humans like our traditions. Each of our many cultures do very specific things at weddings, funerals, and at other pivotal times in our lives. Trace takes a look why.

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Earliest Evidence of Using Flower Beds for Burial Found in Raqefet Cave in Mt. Carmel

“The earliest evidence of using flower beds for burial, dating back to 13,700 years ago, was discovered in Raqefet Cave in Mt. Carmel (northern Israel), during excavations led by the University of Haifa.”

Earliest floral grave lining from 13,700–11,700-y-old Natufian burials at Raqefet Cave, Mt. Carmel, Israel

“Flowering plants possess mechanisms that stimulate positive emotional and social responses in humans.”

Common Scents: Why Brides Carry Bouquets

“Everybody loves a bride. Why, women love to see one almost as much as we love to be one, especially a June bride.”

10 Strange Wedding Traditions

“What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen at a wedding?”

Why Is Throwing Salt Over Your Shoulder Considered Good Luck?

“One of the oldest superstitions in the book is throwing salt over your shoulder when you want to give yourself good luck or avoid being cursed for one reason or another.”

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