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5 Amazing Uses For Spit

Saliva is a disgusting mix of water, electrolytes, and mucus. Sure, spit might be gross, but it has a TON of medical benefits! Trace is here to break down some of his favorite ways that spit can help you!

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“Saliva is the watery and usually somewhat frothy substance produced in the mouths of some animals, including humans.”

Licking Your Wounds: Scientists Isolate Compound In Human Saliva That Speeds Wound Healing

“A report by scientists from the Netherlands identifies a compound in human saliva that greatly speeds wound healing.”

Studies On The Antibacterial Factors Of Human Saliva

“In previous studies it was found that the growth of 110 of 169 strains of bacteria tested was prevented by human saliva.”

The Science of Smooching: Why Men and Women Kiss Differently

“Sure, kissing feels good. But it’s also an evolutionary advantage.”

5 Spiffy Facts About Spit

“An underappreciated body fluid is emerging as a powerful tool for research, medical diagnosis and health. Spit, as it turns out, contains all sorts of juicy information.”

Is a Dog’s Mouth Cleaner Than a Human’s?

“Here’s the myth that makes dogs sound like a dental miracle: Despite all the leftover macaroni, rubber bands and dead squirrels they chew, our canine friends still maintain better oral hygiene than human beings do, no matter how studiously we floss and how often we visit our dentists.”

10 Bizarre Things You Didn’t Know About Saliva

“Ready for a gross fact? On average, your saliva glands produce one to two liters of spit per day.”

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