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4 Things You Are NOT Supposed To Know

How many secrets are kept from you on a daily basis?
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If you were to take a crime count of every illegal act performed by James Bond, Fox Mulder and whatever that broad from Alias was called, I’ll bet these secret agents would have a pretty bad rap sheet. But this is just fiction, right? As genetic testing becomes ever more accessible, it can be tempting to take a peek inside their genetic code to see what’s in there. If you’re chowing down on a truck-stop burrito and you find a few cat’s eggs in there, I doubt you’ll be all that surprised. But did you know that there are certain levels of mouse poo, mould and insect larvae which are acceptable in every single food item? The saddest part of any movie is when a dog gets shot. No arguments, it’s a fact.

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel