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4 Things The Public Isn’t Supposed To Know

Your heroes are cheats. Did you know that? Sorry, but it’s true.
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Oh and if you’re ever punched in the face in front of a cop, they don’t have to do a darn thing about it. The idea that some sportsmen and women cheat may seem pretty obvious, as over the course of history many famous names have been exposed for doping. If you ever find yourself being attacked by a large group of pitchfork wielding psychopaths, don’t rely on the police to step in to help. Did you know that electric cars actually pre-date their gas-powered counterparts? Okay, so many of you may already know that when it comes to the Civilization game, Gandhi is a little trigger-happy, but in real life it seems he wasn’t as heroic as he’s been made out to be.

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel