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4 Rights We Will Lose In Future

If you’re lucky enough to live in a modern, free country then you
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should be grateful, because you enjoy more rights than anyone else in the history of the world. You can practice religion, you can own property, you can access education and you can have a family as and when you see fit. But if truth be told, we take many of these rights for granted.There’s a strong argument that human beings in developed countries have already lost their right to privacy, especially when you consider just how many different entities are spying on you at any one time. In our recent video on four things you’re not supposed to know, we told you about the potential risks of genetic testing, and why you should hold off from taking one.Are we taking our internet access for granted?Cars that drive themselves are on our streets this very moment, and if we were to automate every vehicle tomorrow it is estimated that road traffic deaths could be reduced by

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