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300 Million Year Old Alien Screw?

300 Million year old mysterious screw was discovered inside an ancient alien artifact that suggest that extraterrestrial machines existed ages ago.

300 million years ago, dinosaurs didn’t even exist yet. The earth was still in its infancy, yet this ancient alien screw had to have come from something… mechanical?

To add to that, the machine part, which looks to be a “screw” was apparently made of 98 percent aluminum and 2 percent magnesium — a mixture of metals that can only be made artificially….a mixture of metals that never forms naturally on Earth.

Even the scientists that tested and dated the components of this “screw” like piece suggested that it is hard to say anything but that it must have an extraterrestrial origin.

Keep in mind the screw was embedded in the coal as if they had formed together as one — countering the notion that the screw could have fallen off a piece of coal machinery and been mistaken as being part of the coal.

Others suggest that the screw could have been a natural crystal formation in the coal. Unfortunately for these folk, crystals don’t grow in such a regular and artificial pattern — 12 even and exact ridges on a rounded rod.

Other critics suggest that the findings should have been published in a peer-reviewed journal — instead of the story being told by the “Voice of Russia”…a supposed media outlet in Russia. The Voice of Russia counters by saying they and their scientists will continue testing the object.

Where did this piece of machinery come from? Let us know what you think.

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel