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3 Cool Materials That Mimic Shark Skin

Sharks are built to be the perfect killers, swimmers, and survivors. And we lowly humans are finally realizing the genius of their design. And their skin is particularly amazing. Anthony shows us why it’s one of nature’s engineering marvels.

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Biomimicking Sharks

“Sharks may conjure up notions of great and fearsome predators, but one day, people may think of sharks equally as great teachers.”

Dermal Denticle

“Dermal denticles (placoid scales) are tough “scales” that cover the skin of elasmobranchs (sharks and rays).”

Biomimicry Shark Denticles

“Great White Sharks are stealthy hunters and the secret is in their skin. Shark skin is covered by tiny flat V-shaped scales, called dermal denticals, that are more like teeth than fish scales.”

A Material Based on Sharkskin Stops Bacterial Breakouts

“Similar to the texture of sharkskin, Sharklet’s three-micrometer-wide diamond-shaped pattern prevents bacteria from taking root.”

Sharklet Technologies

Like a shark in the water

“Innovative lacquer system to reduce drag.”

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