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25 Unbelievable Motorbike Loads You Won’t Believe Happened!

25 Unbelievable Motorbike Loads You Won't Believe Happened!

In Southeast Asia, there are plenty of impressive sights on the roadways, especially when it comes to motorbikes. From hundreds of chickens to multiple twenty-foot logs loaded up, here are 25 snapshots that captured some of the greatest feats of a solitary motorbike.


Here are the top 25 snapshots that show what the roads are really like in South east asia.

25. Here we see a woman with dozens of helium balloons, seconds before she flew away.
24. Safety first kids.
23. Maybe this guy took the expression, “always keep your ducks in a row” a little too seriously. Lucky for him, when his horn stopped honking, he had plenty of geese handy.
22. This little piggy went to market.
21. He accepted 24’s bet, but raised him to a cow. By the way, who knew cows could do yoga?
20.Laugh at him now, but this guy figured out the most efficient way to install a back seat.
19. How much longer before this one is considered a mobile home?
18.Who knew an entire forest could fit in a single load?
17. Move aside, we’ve got a professional here.
16. Who needs 18-wheelers?
15. This guy is fearless. Transporting gas on a motorbike while wearing flip flops and talking on the phone.
14. Here we have a sheet of glass. Same thing as a windshield, right?
13. Here we have what appears to be a house made of plastic bottles.
12. Transporting 5 massive rolls of plastic wrap on a motorbike requires major balancing skills.
11. 4 foot motorbike. 40 foot load. Good idea.
10. Just your average, tri keg, two leg motorbike.
9. Nothing compares to driving through the fresh, crisp forest on a summer day, so why not take it with you?
8. What do you mean there are no extra seats? They are like twenty.
7. And the award for the the tallest load goes to this guy.
6. No better security than a left hand, right?
5. A two-seater? Nonsense. What better for #7 than seven people?
4. Here we have 10 mattresses. At least 4 are twin size.
3. Could I trouble you for a spot of tea? Or how bout a motorbike full? This lady’s got you covered.
2. Due to a common mistranslation, these guys read the instructions safety first, as safety last.
1. At least it’s service with a smile.

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel