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2000 Year Old Computer Discovered?

A futuristic computer like device from the past known as the Antikythera mechanism or machine has been discovered at the bottom of the ocean and was revealed to be over 2,000 years old. Did aliens or time travelers place it back in time?

The Antikythera machine is an ancient artifact that was found at a shipwreck dated around the time of 100 B.C.

There are some instructions that go along with it…which are in Greek, which suggests that the machine comes from Greece. However, many scientists and srcheologists argue it came from Sicily.

It was found in quite a few pieces, but scientists say they come together to form an extremely intricate machine. Any other type of machine like it wouldn’t of been built for another 1000 years at least.

The machine so intricate that it baffles scientists how it was ever built.

Beyond that…even its uses, which, going by the way the machine looks to work and the instructions, are way way ahead of its time.

The machines purpose seems to be focused towards astrology…and using the stars for navigation or..well…something.

The machine seemed to have a multitude of functions that we are still trying to understand to this day.

Did our ancestors have help from time travelers…otherwordly beings…or something else? What else can explain this extremely out of place artifact?

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Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel