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20 UNBELIEVABLE Earth Phenomena

From unexplained lights covering the sky to water that glows to the touch, the earth is filled with beautiful mystery. These are the 20 most amazing and unbelievable phenomena in the world.

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20. Auroras, also known as the Northern lights or Southern lights, are large beautiful displays of natural light. Where these occur, known as the auroral zone is near the magnetic poles, and are often seen in Alaska, where some people will travel thousands of miles for the show. They are caused by solar wind carrying electrically charged particles collide with gas atoms and causes them to give off light. They come in a variety of colors, and which color the lights are depends on the atoms that are present in the atmosphere. These lights are so bright, they can even be seen from space!

19. Volcanic Lightning, also known as a dirty thunderstorm, is an intense, incredible phenomenon that happens during the eruption of a volcano. Due to the combination of rock, ash and ice particles along with static charges, many lightning bolts tower above the volcano to create an spectacular visual that looks like it could be the beginning of the end of the world. One of the most incredible was seen over the Chaiten volcano in Chile.

18. Bioluminesence is a surprising phenomenon that happens in various parts of the world. The amazing, glowing appearance that can stretch for hundreds of feet happens when certain tiny oceanic organisms are disturbed in the water. This is produced when a chemical reaction happens in the creatures and can happen with various marine life, including bacteria, fish and jellyfish. Most bioluminescent creatures exist in the ocean, though some can be found on land, such as fireflies. One of the most concentrated areas of bioluminescence has become a popular tourist attraction is the Bio Bay in Puerto Rico.

17. The Columnar Basalt is an unbelievable sight that is the result of lava flows cracking as they cool. While the organized and straight edges make them look almost like manmade stairs, they’re a common natural phenomena, They’re found all around the world, and some of the most famous are found in the giant’s causeway in Ireland, Fingal’s Cave in Scottland and the Svartifoss Waterfall in Iceland.

16. Light poles
What can look at first like alien abduction beams are known as light poles. They are beautiful, but infrequent occurrences since the conditions must be just right for them to shine. It usually has to be around negative twenty degrees fahrenheit for there to be a large amount of ice crystals in the air and low wind speeds. They can be seen above large cities with many lights.

What are commonly known as waterspouts are basically tornadoes in the water. They are fairly common and there can be multiple waterspouts present in a storm. Sometimes they combine with lightning to make an even more incredible sight. It is thought that ships that have mysteriously vanished in the past have been due to these. It is also theorized that waterspouts may be a factor in the famous Bermuda Triangle.

Hessdalen Light is a rare phenomenon and the only reported occurrences of them exist in the Hessdalen valley of Norway. In the 1980’s, their appearances were far more frequent, sometimes occurring multiple times in a week. Today, they still exist and can be seen up to twenty times per year.
While the exact cause of these unusual looking lights is unknown, the strange geography of the valley have led researchers to the theory that the valley itself has become somewhat of a natural battery and produces the lights.

What is known as lightning Balls are usually seen in thunderstorms, alongside normal lightning, but lightning balls are a very rare occurrence. They are an unexplained phenomena and up until recently, they were commonly thought to be myths. They range in size from a few inches to a few meters and usually last longer in the sky for a few seconds longer than normal lightning bolts, and are reported to leave behind the smell of sulfur.

Fire whirls are basically tornados made of fire, and can be started in two different ways. They can form on their own if too much heat in a fire is concentrated in too small an area, or they can become from a normal tornado getting too close to a forest fire. One of the largest fire whirls documented had a diameter of nearly 500 meters, and one of the most deadly happened during the Kanto earthquake in Japan that was part of a fire storm that killed an astounding 38,000 people in approximately fifteen minutes.

Lenticular clouds are found all around the world. They occur in high-altitudes and often over mountain tops. While their shape can vary, they are usually saucer-shaped and are sometimes mistaken to be UFOs.

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