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20 Amazing Close-up Photos of Bugs!

20 Amazing Close-up Photos of Bugs!

You’ve seen most of these bugs in your yard and house, but you’ve never seen their faces look like. These are 20 of the most unbelievable macrophotos that get up-close and personal with the bugs you see everyday.

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Macrophotos are a new breakthrough in photography that allow us to see the stunning details on small subjects we never thought possible, such as snake eyes or even flies having a threesome. These are the 20 most amazing macro photos that will surely show you a new perspective on the bugs you see everyday.

20. Here we have the mugshot of the deadliest thing on planet Earth. This insect kills more than 1 million people annually, and you’ve probably been bitten by them dozens of times. This stunning photo shows what the bloodsuckers known as mosquitoes look like up close.

19. Seen in this striking photo is perhaps the most terrifying on the list, though you don’t have to worry too much about coming across one of these guys unless you live in China. Despite how creepy its face may be, this creature, known as the silk worm, has been and will remain in high demand in China.

18. Seen here in this breathtaking image is the peacock spider. In 1991, when originally naming and writing the first description of the creature, the scientist said, “it is difficult to describe adequately the great beauty of the coloring of this spider. This spider grows to be only about 5mm in length and is found mostly in Australia.

17. In this picture is a creature that you’ve probably had living on your head before at one time or another. Seen here is the head louse, which definitely takes the title of the body building champion on the list.

16. Here we have the head shot of a maggot, which is also known as fly larvae. Of course you wouldn’t expect a maggot to have a beautiful face, and thanks to this close-up, you can see just how creepy they really are with their bulgy eyes and vampire teeth.

15. This incredibly focused image shows the detailed profile of your everyday bumblebee from its impressive hairy coat to its screened eyes.

14. This beautifully colorful photo probably makes you think more positively of fire ants until you remember that there are trillions of them on the planet that want to eat your food and body.

13. This unbelievable image is of a bristle worm. These worms get their names from their fleshy protrusions which some species use to help them with swimming or breathing. The majority of bristle worms are found in the Earth’s oceans and they average a few centimeters in length.

12. This stunning photo shows the intricate designs that you never knew existed on a common fly!

11. Who knew a moth was so furry? This photo really gives you a new perspective on the nocturnal creatures.

10. This image shows the larvae of a red-tailed moth. This guy could actually be a pretty successful horror movie creature.

9. This image proves that the praying mantis looks as conniving and alien as we always assumed.

8. You may not have even thought this photo was of an insect at first glance. This furry critter is actually a beetle.

7. This colorful creature is a skipper butterfly, which is named for its quick movements.

6. This stunning images shows the true colors and excited facial expression that you never knew you could see on your everyday Caterpillar

5. In this stunning and unique photograph, you can see a damselfly covered in dew droplets. This animal, which is found on every continent is similar to a dragonfly, just a bit smaller

4. This photograph is so close up, you would probably never guess what the creature featured even is. Here we have a dorytomus beetle, and a joke. “So a Dorytomus beetle walks into a bar and the bartender says, “why the long face?”

3. This picture is of two ladybugs that are not being very ladylike.

2. This image is of one insect with a painful stinger that you more than likely are trying to steer clear of, the Queen’s wasp.

1. This breathtaking photo thoroughly shows off the unusual facial features of a jumping spider.

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel