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15 Things The Future Will Judge Us For

When we imagine people living in caves and hunting their own food, we see that as barbaric.

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The current reoffending rate for prisoners in the United States is 60%, and despite only making up 5% of the world’s population, it is responsible for a quarter of the world’s prison population.

At some point in human history war will be eradicated, either due to technology, a sufficiently enlightened and advanced society, or a race of space hippies who come along and put flowers in all our plasma rifles.

That war entry was pretty heavy, so let’s lighten the load a little by considering how humans might relieve themselves in future.

Animals make us laugh, they make us cry, and they also make us full with their delicious, tasty flesh.

It’s fun when you know something your parents don’t know isn’t it, whether it’s a neat fact about the world or how to program a bluray player, we all feel that little bit superior when we get to teach the people who made us something new.

Let’s face it folks, this one is so obvious and easy we’re only going to cover it for about two seconds. Fossil Fuels.

Things could go either one of two ways here, either we’re going to get a whole lot freakier with a bunch of new gadgets enabling us to get down and dirty in new and depraved ways…or we’ll turn into a race of complete germaphobes afraid of touching each other.

Oh hey what’s this entry doing in here, didn’t we outlaw slavery like a bazillion years ago?

Hands up if you feel Donald Trump represents your political views, now hands up if you feel the same about Hillary.

Masochists aside, most people are pretty thankful that we live in an age where operations can be performed under the glorious haze of anaesthesia, and that the local doctor isn’t some quack who prescribes the same treatment for every illness.

Retards, spastics, crazy people, psychos; these are just some of the pejorative terms we use to describe those with mental health conditions today.

Race, gender, sex; we humans sure do love to categorise, brutalise and say mean things about people who are specifically different in meaningless ways.

Ever watch a TV show from your parent’s childhood and wonder; how the hell did you get away with this?

Dolly Parton truly was a pioneer ahead of her time, as way back in 1980 she most famously exclaimed “working nine til five, what a way to make a living.”

Here’s life in a nutshell; you work hard until you’re 60 or 65, then you go home for a nap and you die.

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