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13,000 Year Old Ancient Alien Drawings Discovered

Lolladof Plate – Mysterious Alien Drawings found on ancient artifact disc said to be over 12,000 years old! This bizarre stone reveals pictures of an alien & a spacecraft.

But how could that be possible?

The extraterrestrial stone disc, found in Nepal, depicts, in order, a picture of a reptile, a sea creature, what appears to be a grey alien, a flying saucer like aircraft, and a mammal all positioned in the shape of a spiral galaxy. But what does it mean? Just what is it trying to communicate?…

The artifact also depicts several ruins that, to date, have not been studied enough to be translated into anything.

The Lolladoff Plate was supposedly came about by someone named “Dr. Karyl Robin-Evans” whom claimed to have bought the disc in the region of Mussorie in Northern India. He was told that it was from a mysterious people who go by the name “Dzopa.”

In around 1947, Dr. Karyl Robin-Evans sought out the land of these people whom apparently lived in what is known as a very inaccessible region of Indian…somewhere northeast of Himalaja. The doctor eventually found the people after a difficult journey.

The Dzopa people taught him more about the disc as well as their history. Apparently they came from somewhere in the Sirius star system about twelve thousand years ago to explore Earth when their ship crashed and they were stuck on the planet.

The doctor died thirty years later and his report was published a few years after. The location as well as all other information concerning the Lolladoff Plate has remained a mystery ever since.

Where is the Lolladoff plate? Is it even real? Let us know what you think.

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel