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13,000 Year Old ALIEN Satellite Spying on Earth?…The Truth About The Black Knight Satellite

The allegedly alien satellite, the Black Knight, continues to creepily spy on Earth. Learn the Truth about this secret UFO that’s orbiting earth.

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Is An Alien Satellite Spying on Earth? What exactly is this Dark Knight Satellite? Learn about this strange alien mystery.

Named the “Black Knight,” this unusual object is orbiting Earth, is said to be 13,000 years old, and has apparently been kept a secret by world governments for approximately 80 years.

The massive black object has been sighted by numerous government agencies and reports from them all claim that the object has “unknown” origins.

Strangely enough, the object orbits the Earth in what is called a “polar orbit” — an orbit that was impossible to achieve by man when the object was first identified…an orbit that is also perfect for monitoring the entire planet. It is the same orbit all survelliance satellites use.

According to some reports, the Muchea Australian satellite company, a company responsible for monitoring man made satellites, has confirmed the object is broadcasting some sort of radio waves…like it is trying to communicate with something.

There are just as many questions as answers regarding the Dark Knight satellite, but many theories and arguments exist.

Some believe the satellite to truly be of extraterrestrial origin. Some believe it is a special flight satellite built by the Mayas.

Some say it is a simple heat blanket that has been lost by a man made satellite. Some say it is a piece of space junk that is being over-exaggerated by writers and speculators in some sort of whirlpool of nonsense.

Additionally, the idea that it is 13,000 years has not been confirmed or solidly denied by any credible source.

No one really knows for sure what this satellite is and no country has actually admitted to owning it…so the mystery of what this object truly is still remains.

What do you think this mysterious satellite is?

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel