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13 Disembodied Feet in Shoes Float Ashore in Canada?

Several disembodied human feet have been showing up along the shores of British Columbia over recent years.

The human feet always show up on shorelines around an area known as the Straight of Georgia…

If disembodied human feet showing up on the beach or floating in the water isn’t mysterious enough for you…there’s even more to the mystery:

The feet, 13 of which have been found over recent years, are almost always left feet.

The feet are also always wearing shoes!

The odds of this happening are basically impossible.

Some believe that the limbs of whomever these people were belong to suicide victims….and that perhaps the shoe prevented fish from eating away at that part of the body…while the rubber soles helped keep the foot afloat.

But what about the rest of the clothing the person was wearing…wouldn’t that also protect their body from fish?….why are the feet basically always left feet…and why are these feet always ending up near/around the same location…the Georgia Basin?

This mystery just gets weirder and weirder…

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel