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12 WORST Social Media SCREWUPS In History

Let’s face it, we’ve all accidentally liked our friend’s dead grandma posts or our ex’s holiday shots at least once on social media, and who hasn’t posted a 600 word racist rant at 3am when they’re high on cough medicine.

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In 2012 McDonalds thought it’d be a great idea to promote the trend “hashtag McDstories” on Twitter, to get folks sharing their tales of good times at the Golden Arches for some easy, crowd-sourced publicity. Nope, they haven’t. Earlier this year McDonald’s New Zealand started a build-your-own burger campaign where customers could mix and match McDonald’s ingredients online to create their own custom sandwich. Justine Sacco was sat in London’s Heathrow Airport on December 20th 2013, and while waiting to board her flight to Cape Town she thought she’d fire up Twitter and post an amusing little quip…which was this.Everyone likes a nice pun, but did the person behind the official Republican Party twitter account know what they were doing when they sent out this tweet back in March?Remember Susan Boyle? Well back in 2012 the Scottish singer had a brand new album out, and her PR team wanted to start a hashtag from her Twitter account to share the news that there was a party being held in its honour.It can’t be easy trying to come up with non-offensive ad campaigns when you work for a brand of skin-lightening cream, as your product’s main selling point is the ability to turn black people not black.Hurricane Sandy killed 285 people back in 2012, but where most people saw a devastating tragedy beginning to unfold, Urban Outfitters spied a marketing opportunity, and tweeted out on 29th of October that “This storm blows, but free shipping doesn’t.”2012 seems to have been a great year for social media hijacking horrific events, because a few months earlier after James Holmes murdered twelve people and injured seventy in the Aurora movie theatre shooting, the hashtag Aurora understandably began trending on Twitter. Instead of pumping out banal tweets about Abba, fjords and meatballs, the Swedish tourism board had the novel idea of letting a different citizen take over their Twitter account every week. The US State Department proved they’re more than a match for the Swedes when this weird tweet was sent out in March of this year.Spearmint Rhino is a strip club with branches all over the world, and in 2013 the company’s Melbourne venue posted this photo on Facebook, asking users to guess which one of their dancers this baby pic belonged to. Yeah you read that right folks.

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