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100,000s of UFOs in Norway

Mysterious UFO like lights have been spotted in Hessdalen, Norway as much as 500 times per year…

Mysterious lights have been reported in the sky of Hessdalen, Norway ever since the 1940s. This isn’t your average UFO phenomenon though, as the lights are observed…as witnessed in the year 1984, 15-20 times per week.

In fact, the mysterious lights appear so often that tourists used to and sometimes still do camp out to see the phenomenon in the sky.
Since 1984, though, the lights are only observed 10-20 times per year.

The lights usually consist of a bright colored light – they can even take on any number of shapes or formations. They can last up to an hour.

The Hessdalen lights are a true 100% UFO. They remain completely unidentified.

Sometimes they even take on a metallic like appearance…leading some to believe they are alien in nature.

They have been recorded to even reach speeds of 30,000 kilometers per hour – which is much much faster than any human aircraft.

Norway even set up a permanent station to study the lights – but the exact cause of the lights is still a mystery.

Scientists have a variety of theories…one of the more prominent ones is that the lights are caused by earth acting as a giant battery of sorts….but this is one of many, many theories.

Just what could these lights be? Perhaps their explanation lies in interdimensional travelers…perhaps in a more scientific one….
Whatever the answer is, the mystery has yet to be solved – even after 70 years.

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Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel