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10 WEIRD Online Tests You Can Take Right Now: Understand Your Psychology with Brain Games

Neuroscience and psychology online tests or brain games are for the most part pretty meaningless, but we’ve gathered the Top 10 as a list, and they are pretty weird, but based in science psychology. Even so, I’ll bet most of us have taken a personality quiz at one point or another…

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….and who hasn’t spent ten minutes of their life trying to work out when they’re going to die, how much of an 80’s chick you are and which game of thrones character you’d like to die being spooned by.

I like to believe that I am completely free of all bias, whether it’s racial, political or otherwise. Has our last entry made you realise you’re not as woke as you thought? This one’s a little trippy, and I’m not sure how scientifically accurate it is, but what the hell let’s try it anyway. Hypnoid dot com’s shape test uses the Pierley Redford Dissociative Affect Diagnostic to test your brain’s affective response system, and while the results are often worded like a crap horoscope you’d read in Cosmo, the test itself is pretty darn trippy. Anyone else remember that early 2000’s website Hot or Not?Ever wonder if you’ve got flea bites? If you’ve uploaded a photo to Hot or Not and everyone’s told you you’ve got resting bitch face, then it’s important you get tested. This next one is mostly for residents of the USA, but since American culture has infected every corner of the globe then non-residents may wanna give it a shot anyway. If you’re in a relationship and your sex life is getting a little boring, you might consider introducing something new into the equation to spice things up. Synaesthesia is a condition which causes some humans to experience a strange crossover of the senses, such as the ability to associate sounds with colours, words with a certain taste, and to feel the sensation of being touched on certain areas of the body when a particular

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