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10 Things Science Got TOTALLY Wrong

The great thing about Science is that it never claims to have all the answers, but it is always looking.

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Hey parents. Have you ever noticed how hyperactive your kids get when you give them sugary treats? The myth that human beings only use 10% of their brain has been traced back to a game of scientific Chinese whispers, where a Harvard psychologist’s perfectly accurate claim that people use only a small portion of their mental potential was bastardised over the years by various writers and eventually accepted as a statistical fact.How many different senses can you experience at once?Developed by 17th Century physician and philosopher John Locke, The Blank Slate Theory, also known as Tabula Rasa, proposed that human beings are born without any mental content pre-installed in their brains, kinda like a smartphone with no operating system. Today we know that various organisms procreate by either splitting themselves or banging each other, but as recently as the 19th Century it was scientifically accepted that creatures could spontaneously generate out of dust, dead flesh or random matter.Nope. It’s simply a myth. As the fanciest pantsiest organisms around with our cars and our hotpants and our toasted sandwich makers, the scientific belief that we humans were the most genetically complex things on planet Earth did kinda make sense. Are you looking forward to getting absolutely slaughtered with Grandma this Christmas but worried you’ll destroy your brain in the process?The first time someone mixed electricity and water it must’ve been a rather shocking affair, and when science jerks analysed the situation it seems pretty obvious how they came to the conclusion that water plus electricity equals bad.Hey did you know that Einstein once thought the Universe was entirely static? Ha. What a dumbass.

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