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10 STRANGEST Things to FALL from the SKY

Top 10 STRANGEST Things to Fall from the Sky

The list of things you expect to fall from the sky is pretty short; rain, snow, skydivers, balls you throw up in the air, and any airplane built by the Russians. So how did the residents of a town in Kentucky react when it started to rain meat? Why are whole flocks of dead birds dropping to the ground? And just when you thought it couldn’t get weirder……to answer your question….yes…eels have fallen from the sky along with…candy…in real life. Here are the top ten strangest things to fall from the sky.

#10 The Kentucky Meat Shower
On March 3rd 1876 in Bath County Kentucky, chunks of red meat fell from the sky for nearly ten minutes. The residents were stunned, first at the idea of meat falling from the sky, and then at the sight of a local guy who thought, hmm, maybe I’d better eat this sky meat.
#9 A Cow You’re part of a coastguard rescue mission; you stumble across the crew of a fishing boat and pull them aboard. You ask them, how did your boat sink? They respond, a cow fell from the sky. Okay, now it’s time for the cavity search, because you guys are obviously high.
#8 Spider Colonies Erick Reis was making his way from a friend’s house in Brazil, minding his own business strolling the streets of Santa Antonio da Platina; the wind in his hair, a spring in his step, a storm of a thousand spiders in his face. You know…the usual.
#7 The Real Candy Crush Saga. After spidergeddon let’s cleanse your palate a little with an altogether more delicious example of things falling from the sky. In September 1869 some optimistic Californian kid had their wishes come true as candy started to drop out of the night sky.
#6 It’s Bloody Raining!
Historical tales of blood rain are well documented, with cases recorded in Homer’s Iliad from the 8th century BC. Many believed it was actual blood coming down from the heavens as a sign of God’s anger, but recent scientific discoveries have revealed that actually God was chill, and would never disrespect his homies in this way.
#5 Time travelling coins You know when someone hits you with a ridiculous question right when you’re dealing with something super serious? Well let’s travel back to 1940, smack bang in the middle of World War 2, one of the deadliest conflicts the world has ever seen. A Russian official is told a call has come in from the village of Meschera. What is it? Have the Nazis invaded? Are our allies spying on us? Have we run out of vodka? No comrade, the villagers, they say coins are raining from the sky.
#4 Eels In June of this year the people of Fairbanks, Alaska began to report these creepy looking creatures dropping on their town. With its bright pink mouth, creepy looking teeth and what seems to be an eyeball in the centre of its throat, this slippery looking specimen terrified those who came across it. It looks like something that would latch on to your brain and send you on a never ending quest for human flesh.
#3 Star Jelly
Over several months in 1994 strange gelatinous blobs rained down on Oakville, Washington. No, there wasn’t a World of Warcraft convention in town, but something much more greasy and weird. These strange slimy blobs just appeared overnight, and caused several residents to fall severely ill with nausea, vertigo and breathing difficulties.
#2 Birds I know what you’re thinking. Birds dropping from the sky? That’s called landing. Right? Wrong…not if they’re dead, which these birds were. Although that makes it sound like this was an isolated incident. It most certainly wasn’t. Reports of hundreds and sometimes thousands of birds dropping out of the sky have been coming in from Quebec City, New Jersey, Louisiana, Australia, Texas, Italy, Sweden, California, Louisiana again, Minnesota, Kentucky, and many…many more are recorded over the past hundred years. Something out there is causing more bird fatalities than the Chick Fil A breakfast menu. So what is it?
#1 Deadly White Powder This next entry is a lesson to all those idiots who insist on eating things that drop out of the sky. On a quiet Saturday morning in Seveso, Italy, a strange ear-piercing whistle startled the town. Everything suddenly went dark as the sky became choked with thick grey clouds, clouds which then began to drop a foul-smelling white dust.

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel