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10 Strangest Things Ever BANNED in America

America is the world’s most freedomest winningest place in the world ever, except when it’s not.

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Before you go pretending you were just holding that copy of the Philosopher’s Stone for a friend let me clarify something. Do you live in Tennessee? According to the state of Utah’s criminal code it is illegal to have sex with animals. Back in 2012 New Jersey’s Matawan Aberdeen Middle School announced themselves as a no-hugging campus after its Principal, Tyler Blackmore, complained that students had been engaging in incidents of unsuitable physical interactions. Yet another thing banned in schools across America is Dodgeball, due to the apparent potential for injuries inflicted upon weaker students. For some reason Massachusetts has a serious ball fixation, because in addition to their hatred of dodgeball it is also illegal in the state to own an exploding golf ball. In Alaska you may not wake up a sleeping bear in order to take its photograph. Since the year 2000 it has been illegal to buy, sell or import any products made from dog and cat hair in the United States, and it’s also specifically stated in actual legislation that you are also forbidden to use cat and dog hair to pay your rent.In the state of Kansas it is illegal to modify the weather without a permit. You wanna go toss a dwarf in Florida?

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