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10 Strangest Fan Theories

We’ve all heard our stoner friend’s boring explanations about how the final scene in Inception actually takes place inside the dream of a care bear, and how James Bond isn’t just one man but three separate antelope all called Derek, but what about the more interesting fan theories?

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Is it possible that Disney actually signed off on a movie which depicted the murder of six million Jews through the tales of a talking cowboy, a slinky dog and a mister potato head?

Of all the theories on this list I think this one is the absolute coldest, as it believes that the Rugrats babies; Tommy, Chuckie, Phil and Lil, are all dead.

In both the movies and the animation, Casper the Friendly Ghost is depicted as a kind, smiley little ghost with a face like a baby marshmallow who wouldn’t hurt a fly.

I think we can all agree that watching Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was more painful than getting your nuts smashed in Le Chiffre style, so this next theory gives the whole world a helping hand and wipes most of that turd-pile of a movie from the Indy universe.

Isn’t it kinda weird how all those kids end up severely injured inside Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory yet nobody questions it, and how the Oompa Loompas just happen to have a song ready for every child and every accident almost immediately?

Yep, pretty simple this one. Everything that happens in Hogwarts and beyond is just one big elaborate fantasy dreamt up by Harry Potter as he spends his life wasting away under the stairs of his abusive Aunt and Uncle.

In episode 18 of The Simpsons Season 4 Bart puts a can of Duff beer into a paint shaker and the resulting explosion takes the roof off the house as Homer is knocked into a coma.

Ever wonder why the Flintstones used prehistoric versions of modern technology?

In Home Alone, 8 year old Kevin McCallister is accidentally left behind to fend off burglars as his family takes a vacation.

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