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10 SECRETS You Didn’t Know About THE SIMPSONS

The Simpsons will celebrate its thirty year anniversary in 2017, having first premiered as a series of short films on the Tracey Ullman show back in April 1987.

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Cletus and Brandine Spuckler are Springfield’s resident white trash couple, or should that be yellow trash, either way, these two are pretty stereotypical in their depiction of rednecks, and you may be surprised to know just how far the writers have taken this joke.Two of the best characters from the early seasons of the Simpsons were Dr Lionel Hutz and the actor Troy McClure, neither of whom have been seen since 1998. In the episode The Day Who Knew Too Little, Homer Simpson’s email address was shown to be [email protected], and Lisa’s was shown in The President Wore Pearls as [email protected], and for a time you could actually email these accounts and get an automated replyThe monkey-abusing death-faking alcoholic Krusty the Clown is one of the Simpsons’ most iconic characters, and the reason his character looks so much like Homer is because they were originally supposed to be the same person. The Simpsons has had some pretty famous writers pass through its doors over the years, most notably Conan O Brien, who wrote four episodes between 1992 and 1993. Ever wonder why the Simpsons are yellow and not kinda pink like regular white folks? We’ve all tried pausing the Simpsons intro to try and find out what the till says when Maggie is scanned at the supermarket, but it always seems so blurry, so what’s the secret? The Simpsons is and always has been owned by the Fox Broadcasting Company, so how is it that they’ve been able to get away with making fun of the network, mocking its shows, and even calling Fo

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