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10 Natural Disasters that WILL Happen Soon

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The 2015 movie San Andreas depicted two unrealistic things, first, that a huge part of California could break off and fall into the sea, and second, that man has managed to invent a helicopter capable of transporting the Rock without demolishing the laws of gravity.

With hurricanes Sandy and Irene both striking New York in the past few years, you may think the city has endured its fair share of natural disasters after the two combined to cause several billion dollars-worth of damage along with 59 fatalities.

As well as the flooding caused by hurricanes, New York, Florida and many other East-Coast cities can look forward to a significantly moistened existence over the next 50 years, as America’s right flank is enjoying a rate of rising sea-levels which is three to four times faster than anywhere else in the world! USA USA USA!

The Ebola crisis of 2014 is so passé now, it’s been done, and personally I wouldn’t be seen dead defecating my own liquefied organs out of my body, so which up and coming diseases should you be looking to be scared of and Googling in the year 2017?

Ever wonder why Amsterdam seems like such an awesome, hedonistic paradise of free love, intoxicating substances and general shenanigans?

Over the 13th and 14th of November 2016, New Zealand was hit by a series of devastating Earthquakes followed by aftershocks and a Tsunami, yet miraculously at the time of writing it seems only a handful of people have so far died in the event.

In 1859 a Solar Storm known as the Carrington event hit the Earth with one of the largest geomagnetic weather events in recorded human history, causing beautiful auroras to be seen around the world, and electronic equipment from Europe to North America to become completely fried.

Earthquakes are basically the planet’s equivalent of a screaming tantrum, as every so often these outbursts act as a necessary outlet for Mother Earth’s stress.

Japan has some serious expertise in dealing with huge disasters, with atomic bombs, tsunamis and nuclear power plants all on the list of things Japanese people can say in response when some jerkoff says “smile, it might never happen.”

The largest tsunami in recorded history occurred in 1958 when an Alaskan earthquake caused 30 million cubic metres of rock to collapse from a cliff into Lituya Bay, and the resulting tidal wave created by this event was five an astonishing 524 metres tall.

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