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10 Most Shocking Acts of Mother Nature

Mother Nature can be a tempestuous madam at times, as when she’s not burning everything with fire tornadoes or causing space lasers appear in the sky, she’s busy making lions have seizures and monkeys start wars.

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Sharknadoes are thankfully a work of fiction; terrible, wonderful fiction. This heartbreaking footage was taken in the Serengeti National Park back in 1994, when a canine distemper epidemic spread by scavenging dogs helped to spread the virus amongst the park’s population, killing one third of its lions in the process.In the 1993 documentary Jurassic Park about a real life island full of dinosaurs which definitely exists, all of the dinosaurs are made into females in order to prevent them from breeding. Continuing with the life finds a way movie theme; you may remember the scene from Ridley Scott’s 1979 Romantic comedy film Alien, where a lovesick xenomorph engages in a casual fling with a spaceship officer, only for their brief love affair to come to a messy ending when the alien tears out of his chest and starts hitting on his co-workers.Oh no what’s Mother Nature done now? Murdered a whole bunch of penguins just for the hell of it? What’s this? A blood tidal wave? No such luck. Mammatus or Mammatocumulus is a genuine meteorological term used to describe when clouds sag down in pouches beneath the base of a cloud, taking their name from the Latin word mamma, which means udder or breast. This astonishing display may look like the beginning of the rapture or an alien invasion, but it’s actually an optical phenomenon caused by light reflecting off the surface of millions of tiny ice crystals as they gradually fall to Earth. Mother Nature is a pretty big fan of one-on-one comba

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