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10 Freakiest MUTATIONS Ever

If mutations worked like they do in superhero movies I think we’d all be pretty happy, as not only would we have laser vision and super strength, but we’d also get to fly around in kick-ass jets all day while a crippled guy fits us up for a tight leather uniform.

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If we don’t win the award for most clickbaity headline right there I don’t know to say, but as crazy as that title is it’s actually bang on accurate.

Unless you’re a hockey player or a hick farmer from the Midwest, by the time you reach adulthood you’ll probably have a full set of 32 teeth.

Granum Frumenpedantitis is an inherited genetic mutation which causes tooth-like corn growths to form upon the soles of your foot.

Cyclopia is a congenital disorder which causes a creature’s two eye cavities to fail to divide in the womb, and if that wasn’t bad enough, the nose is also typically absent, often forming as a stump above the eye or even on the back of the neck.

We’ve all seen photos of two headed creatures before, but have you ever seen a three headed frog?

In yet another case of man tampering with animals and trying to make real life Pokemon, researchers at Nexia biotechnologies have successfully managed to genetically mutate a group of goats into producing milk which is infused with spider silk.

Atavism describes the development of an old evolutionary trait which suddenly re-appears in a more advanced creature, and this condition has been known to cause whales and snakes to grow legs, horses to regrow their ancient horse toes, chickens to grow teeth, and it’s also been seen to give monkeys a whole mess of nipples, like, lots of nipples, more nipples than a monkey ever needs.

Erythroderma is a severe form of dermatitis which affects 90% of a patient’s skin, causing it to become scaly and flake off constantly.

Wow, that’s a mouthful; no wonder most people just shorten that to Smurf people.

If you’ve ever pulled a muscle you’ll know it can be pretty painful, which is why I limber up and stretch those creamy hamstrings before every take of a Strange Mysteries video.

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