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10 Cursed Objects Science Can’t Explain

Curses – are they a series of deadly coincidences, examples of real, paranormal activity, or are they just a bunch of statistical anomalies with a rational explanation?

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Prints of Bruno Amadio’s painting of The Crying Boy were strangely popular amongst British households from the 1950’s onwards, until it was realised that homes in which these images hung had a strange habit of burning to the ground.The Dybbux curse concerns a small wooden wine cabinet which a man called Kevin Mannis bought from that most feared purveyor of cursed objects – the almighty eBay. The idea of a curse befalling those who opened King Tutankhamun’s tomb was well-established in Egyptian mythology long before it was rediscovered in the early 20th Century, as it was thought that anyone who messed with the mummy of a regular person would end up in serious trouble, let alone that of a Pharoah who is part-God.Aaron Ramsey is a Welsh footballer slash soccer player slash whatever who plays for Arsenal in the English Premier League, and it seems his feet have the ability to cause famous people to drop dead.Ever heard a song so depressing it made you want to kill yourself?The Hope Diamond is a stunning blue stone which is about the size of a walnut and worth over $250 million dollars. Colonel Sanders’ ghost once cursed a Japanese baseball team?Thomas Busby was an 18th Century murderer who liked two things more than anything – getting drunk at his local pub while sat in his favourite chair, and wailing on people who sat in his favourite chair. Did you know thatBeing called an object is probably something Otzi the Iceman would, well…object to.

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